The Grain of Heaven

Hours of Operation

Sundays, 6:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

1st Sunday, 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

Food Service and Menu Options

We are pleased to offer breakfast, lunch, and snack and options for your dietary needs.


Ministry Meeting and Event Support

There are over 70 different ministries here at First Mount Zion and, since outside food is not allowed, we provide food service to each one of them.  Whether it is a small ministry meeting for members or a major ministry event for welcomed guests, we readily support it all.  Feel free to look over our delicious Menu Item.  Please fill out Grain of Heaven Food Service Request Form to go with your building use request form for all ministry food requests.


Funeral Service Repast

When an FMZ family member loses a loved one, we serve the following standard menu with love – Fried Chicken, Baked Chicken, Seasoned Rice or Macaroni & Cheese, Green Beans, Dinner Roll, Dessert and Drink.


Servant Volunteers Support and Training

Our servant volunteers play a vital role in the success of the Grain of Heaven.  Along with volunteering their time to help serve breakfast on Sunday mornings, they also serve when we have special events such as our Woman’s Tea, Spring Fellowship, Harvest Fest, and many other ministry events.  It is because of our servant volunteers, that we can provide the high level of service that our members can depend on.  Our servant volunteer’s hard work, dedication and love for the Lord is what drives the Grain of Heaven to the point of excellence.

Servant volunteers, who have been blessed with the gift of serving and cooking, make up the backbone of our food service operations.  We ensure each team member knows how to safely handle food as well as supervise and advise others in the kitchen area.  We are committed to the ongoing development and training of our staff and our team.  The following videos highlight introductory levels of training that we would like you to review.  Even if you are not a Grain of Heaven servant volunteer, we encourage you to take a moment to view the videos.  Food safety is important for us all.

Servant volunteer must practice great customer service.  Responsibilities include serving customers, setting up and breaking down food service areas, running food to the necessary areas, cashier, general cleaning, and dishwashing.

We are always looking for dedicated men and women of God to serve the Kingdom of God so if you are interested in serving, please contact Sister Karen Curtis at


Nutritional Tools and Health Resources

Welcome to the Grain of Heaven nutritional tools and resource page.  These links are provided to encourage and empower you as you seek to develop healthier habits.  We pray that, thru a healthier lifestyle, you will be able to better fulfill God’s purpose for your life.

Health Finder – This quick guide to healthy living at, a US Department of Health and Human Services website, provides valuable information on how to stay healthy.  Information covers nutrition and fitness, important screening tests, diabetes, and pregnancy as well as information specific to kids, parents, women older adults and more.

Dietary Guidance – The various sites found at this link are designed to help you with dietary assessment and planning, checking personal health risks, testing knowledge, and evaluating needs.

Self-Nutrition – This external link provides valuable nutrition information with the desire for you to “Know what you eat.”

Children’s Health – This link takes a comprehensive approach to children’s health, discussing how fitness, television, divorce, single-parenting, nutrition deficiencies and much more can impact the overall health of a young person.

Senior’s Health – This link, sponsored by the National Library of Medicine and the National Institute of Health, provides easy to read and understand information on the many health issues facing today’s seniors.


National Pineapple Upside Down Cake Day

Pan Seared Chicken Thighs

Acai Bowl

Peruvian Chicken

Fried Catfish & Shrimp

Fried Salmon with Grits, Greens, and Fried Green Tomatoes

Lobster Roll

Pan Seared Scallops

Crispy Asian Style Whole Fish

"Deconstructed" Fish Tacos

Shrimp "Pad Thai"

Tips to Stay Hydrated

Tips For Staying Hydrated

Hello!! I pray that all is well with you and yours during this pandemic. I know that it has been difficult for all of us adjusting to the new normal but now in addition to the pandemic we have to deal with the heat from rising temperatures. It is extremely important to keep your body hydrated at all times but more so during hot weather with extreme temperatures. I hope to share a little insight so that we can all stay healthy during this time.

  1. Drink more water… I know that it sounds simple but, most of us don’t drink enough water. A good measure for water consumption would be drinking half of your body weight in fluid ounces. For example if you weigh 180 pounds you should drink a minimum of 90 fluid ounces of water.
  2. Drink Other Beverages… If you are a person that gets bored with water because it tastes like “nothing” try infusing your water with slices of lemon, lime, cucumber, mint, berries, or ginger. Hint: Lemon, Ginger, and Mint has great detoxing properties.  Apple Cider Vinegar with a little natural honey added to water is a good fat burner and helps control your appetite. Coconut water is very refreshing and full of natural electrolytes to help refresh your body after a long workout. You can also juice a fresh watermelon and add a squeeze of fresh lime which helps cool down the body in addition it  is high in vitamin A , vitamin C and potassium.
  3. You can eat your water… I know that this sounds funny but, I’m simply implying that you eat more fruits and vegetables. Choose fruits and vegetables that have a high water content. Some examples would be cucumber, watermelon, celery, tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, bell peppers, zucchini, radish, cantaloupe, lettuce, cabbage and eggplant.

Please check the church website for recipes and videos on how to stay hydrated!!

GOH Salmon

How to Cook the Perfect Steak

Cauliflower Fried Rice


Chef Sherise Campbell

1 large or 2 small heads of cauliflower grated

2 chicken breast cooked and diced

½ pound shrimp peeled deveined and diced

3 eggs

5 stalks green onion sliced

½ carrot shredded or diced

2 teaspoon fresh garlic paste

2 teaspoon fresh grated ginger

2 tablespoon lite soy sauce

½ teaspoon fish sauce

½ teaspoon sugar

Scramble eggs with salt and pepper. Set aside. Wash and dry pan. Add 3 tablespoon oil add white part of green onion, garlic, and ginger. Cook for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes add shrimp cook until they turn pink. Add cooked chicken sauté for 3 minutes. Add cauliflower, carrots, soy sauce, fish sauce, ½ teaspoon salt and pepper and sugar. Cook for 5 minutes or until the cauliflower starts to soften. After 5 minutes add eggs and green tops from the onion. Serve and enjoy!!

How to Choose the Perfect Steak


Chef Sherise Campbell

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