Welcome LetterWelcome to the FMZBC Youth Ministry page! I eagerly anticipate what God will share with and reveal to us through our lives lived in relationship with Him. Today, I invite you to explore the page, to encounter Jesus Christ’s love and grace, to experience life-long tools for Christian discipleship, to fellowship with friends and to participate in missions occasions through the FMZBC Youth Ministry. I pray that the this site provides spiritually useful information, and ways for you to connect with and join us. Reach out to us. Send a note about your joys, concerns and progress. We are here to support you.  



To be a unique fellowship of students, parents, and teachers committed to allowing Christ to change our lives.

Mission Statement

To provide programs and ministry opportunities that enhance spiritual growth; teach youth how to build healthy relationships; assess spiritual giftedness; and empower youth to impact the kingdom.

Youth Definition

Youth participation in FMZBC ministries is by students who are in grades 6 through 12.


The Youth Book Club is a monthly activity that provides a safe environment where youth are comfortable to share the realities of what is occurring in their life and with their friends through discussing the reading assignment from the current book selection. This program has been established to positively influence youth through biblical principles and academically. In each session, the youth are divided into groups according to their grade level. Each group is lead into discussion by an adult group leader. The Youth Book Club meets on the third Tuesday of each month from 7-8 pm.

First Friday is designed to provide youth with an opportunity to fellowship on a monthly basis in order to build spiritual relationships and grow spiritually. This activity has an exciting and worthwhile event planned for each month. A few past events held during First Friday have been Game Nights, Movie Night, Guy Talk & Girl Talk discussion sessions, workshops with guest speakers, and our annual Youth Prayer Dinner held in December.

Youth Bible Study provides youth with an opportunity to develop a closer relationship with the Lord while studying the Bible. Youth Bible Study is held on Wednesday nights. The Prayer & Praise Service begins at 7:30 pm in the Chapel. Bible Study begins at 8 pm in The Teen Tabernacle. All youth are required to report to the Chapel first and then will report to the Teen Tabernacle after being dismissed from the Chapel.

The FMZBC Youth Ministry Prayer Team consists of youth and adults who are responsible for praying for any submitted prayer requests and the Youth Ministry on a regular basis. All prayer requests are handled with prayer. Youth are able to place their prayer requests in the Prayer Box in The Teen Tabernacle.

The purpose of the Youth Council is to provide an opportunity for youth in grades 6-12 to have an active voice in the youth ministry; as well as to discuss, coordinate, and assist with planning Youth Ministry activities. Youth Council members are responsible for promoting Youth Ministry activities, providing suggestions, and assisting with planning activities for the Youth Ministry.

  • Service Projects
  • Fellowship Outings
  • Youth Xplosion
  • Youth Retreat

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Opportunities to Serve in the FMZBC Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry affords members of FMZBC’s congregation opportunities to serve in many ways. We currently have Youth Ministry Servants who serve in the ways listed below. If you are interested in serving our youth and being a positive influence in the lives of our youth, please contact Rev. John C. McNeill, Jr; Youth Minister, at the church office at (703) 670-0184.

  • Youth Book Club Group Leader – Responsible for reading the assigned reading prior to the book club session in order to lead the youth in discussion. Discussion questions will be provided for each session.
  • Youth Bible Study Room Monitor – Room monitors are responsible for monitoring the youth during the Youth Bible Study hour to ensure that youth abide by the rules while the teacher is teaching, as well as being accountable for the whereabouts of youth during the Bible Study hour. Youth Bible Study Room Monitors serve once or more a month.
  • First Friday Servants – Servants are responsible for fellowshipping with youth, as well as monitoring youth at planned events. Servants are also welcome to assist with planning for events held during this time.
  • Youth Prayer Team Member – Servants on this team are responsible for praying for specific requests and for the Youth Ministry on a regular basis.

Servants also serve on committees for special events. (Youth Explosion, Youth Prayer Dinner, etc.) and as a chaperones or drivers for offsite Youth Ministry events.


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