Rehearsal Times:

The two Tuesday evenings leading up to the 4th Sunday of each month at 7:30PM.

The late Sister Alice Byrd organized the Men’s Choir of First Mount Zion in 1974. The choir was comprised of a small group of men who had a desire to lift up their voices to sing praises to the Lord. Sister Byrd’s small band of merry men continued to expand under her directorship. Through her diligence and hard work, she taught the men to blend their many voices in harmony as they uplifted the Lord through songs. Under her direction, the men started singing at two services each month. It was also during her directorship that the reputation of the choir began to spread to churches throughout the local area.

With the reorganization of the Church’s Music Department in 1994, Sister Byrd turned the directorship of the choir over to Brother Mark Ball. Brother Ball continued the work of Sister Byrd. Through his musical talents, the choir continued to grow in size and popularity among local churches.

In 1995, Brother Ball had to relinquish his duties as director of the choir because of other commitments. Reverend Marquis Egerton replaced Brother Ball and served as director of the choir for almost a year. Upon Reverend Egerton’s departure to pursue his ministerial callings, Brother Ball returned by popular demand as the director of the choir in late 1995. Since his return, Brother Ball has employed his musical talents to the fullest and has assembled a dynamic group of men who thoroughly enjoy uplifting the Lord in song. The membership has grown tremendously.

The Men’s Choir has hosted male music workshops with featured artists as: The late, Dr. Robert Fryson, the late Rev. Donald Vails, national acclaimed – Williams Brothers and Luther Barnes and the Sunset Jubilaires. The Men’s Choir continues to spread the good news through song on the 4th Sunday of each month and in the community.