The New Beginnings Program is the MEM flagship program held twice a year that offers a venue to provide mentorship and education for adolescents experiencing their 1st pregnancy.  Adult Servants (“Elizabeths and Zacharias’) are assigned to mentor the expecting female adolescents ("Marys") and expecting fathers (“Josephs”) as they journey through the programs offered by the ministry.

Each program runs 8-10-weeks (including two Peer-to-Peer sessions) and provides pregnancy and parenting training to adolescents expecting their first child/children.  Sessions are interactive and cover a wide range of topics; as well as provide the participants with a wealth of resources to reach out to during and at the conclusion of the program.  Professional guest speakers (including lawyers, doctors, teachers, clergy and nurses) lead positive and structured training sessions that teach and engage the attendees.  The program concludes with a formal graduation and baby shower held at First Mount Zion Baptist Church on Saturdays beginning at 11am.  Lunch is served with each session.  Sessions include topics such as:

  • Labor & delivery
  • Bottle & Breast Feeding
  • Birth Control Postpartum
  • Hospital Tour/Baby Care 101
  • Parental Rights & Virginia Laws
  • Straight Talk (for expecting Fathers)
  • Facts of Life (for expecting Fathers)
  • Inspirational Success Stories
  • Continuing Your Education