Welcome to the Mary-Elizabeth Ministry!

If you are a looking for an active ministry to join, this ministry is for you. We [provide unique and comprehensive programs to] help prepare the adolescents and their support systems for parenthood and changes in lifestyle through a non-judgmental, encouraging atmosphere; mentoring and peer-to-peer support. If you are or know of a teenager who’s pregnant, Mary-Elizabeth is here to serve you! Click here to participate. Our hearts are overjoyed with anticipation about how God will bless us this year in the Ministry. Through the Mary-Elizabeth Ministry we are making a huge difference in the lives of our adolescents. Statement of Faith:  “For with God nothing will be impossible! Luke 1:37. Let’s stay committed and continue working together to serve our adolescents and the community. Grace and Blessings!

MS  Mission Statement

To positively affect the health and well-being of the community by providing [pregnancy and parenting training to adolescents and to be a] conduit for ministry beyond First Mount Zion Baptist Church’s walls by allowing others to be of service to the community.

VS Vision

To affect positive outcomes in the lives of adolescent parents and their children and to be willing servants to those in need.



Ministry Programs

The Ministry provides several ways to serve and the path is divided into two distinct categories: Ministry Programs and Ministry Beyond the Walls. In the Ministry Programs you can be a member/mentor for an adolescent; share a memorable testimony about your life as an adolescent parent, being the product of an adolescent parent or leading a program session. Ministry Beyond the Walls allows every member of MEM to participate in any Outreach activity by collecting, sorting and distributing donations or assisting with serving meals at the homeless shelter. All servants volunteer their time and are rewarded by the grateful expressions of the recipients.

The New Beginnings Program is the MEM flagship program held twice a year that offers a venue to provide mentorship and education for adolescents experiencing their 1st pregnancy. Adult Servants (“Elizabeths and Zacharias’) are assigned to mentor the expecting female adolescents (“Marys”) and expecting fathers (“Josephs”) as they journey through the programs offered by the ministry.

Each program runs 8-10-weeks (including two Peer-to-Peer sessions) and provides pregnancy and parenting training to adolescents expecting their first child/children. Sessions are interactive and cover a wide range of topics; as well as provide the participants with a wealth of resources to reach out to during and at the conclusion of the program. Professional guest speakers (including lawyers, doctors, teachers, clergy and nurses) lead positive and structured training sessions that teach and engage the attendees. The program concludes with a formal graduation and baby shower held at First Mount Zion Baptist Church on Saturdays beginning at 11am. Lunch is served with each session. Sessions include topics such as:

  • Labor & delivery
  • Bottle & Breast Feeding
  • Birth Control Postpartum
  • Hospital Tour/Baby Care 101
  • Parental Rights & Virginia Laws
  • Straight Talk (for expecting Fathers)
  • Facts of Life (for expecting Fathers)
  • Inspirational Success Stories
  • Continuing Your Education
The Peer-to-Peer (P2P) sessions allow prior New Beginning participants to establish relationships and provide insight on their experiences to new participants. Through these sessions, peer mentors may provide advice and support and serve as role models for newer participants that may have similar situations and challenges. MEM hosts two 1-day Peer-to-Peer (P2P) sessions during each New Beginning’s program. Lunch is served during the session.

The Life Skills program provides past program participants the opportunity to reconnect and further enrich themselves. The sessions offer the participants interactive methods of coping with stresses and challenges of daily life, skills in communication and literacy, and maintaining healthy relationships,  decision-making, continued education, problem-solving, and time management. MEM hosts two 1-day Life Skills sessions annually. Lunch is served during the session.

Ministry Definitions

Mary (Expecting Mother) – adolescent, typically 12-19 years of age, and a first- time mother. Joseph (Expecting Father) –typically the father of the baby or male father-figure chosen by the Mary to attend with her. Elizabeth/Zechariah (Female/Male MEM Member) – Christian women/men who are committed to the mission and vision of the ministry; being a spiritual mentor to the adolescents, and providing community service.


Ways to Donate

The Mary-Elizabeth Ministry (MEM) accepts donations year round for all of the Outreach / “Ministry Beyond the Walls” Programs. New or “gently used” donations are always needed and greatly appreciated for the following items:

  • Disposable diapers (size newborn to #4)
  • Disposable wipes
  • Strollers/bassinets
  • Changing tables
  • Boys and girls clothing, socks, shoes, hats, coats, and gloves (suitable for newborn to 2T)
  • School supplies (paper, pencils, backpacks, glue, notebooks, crayons, etc.)

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