Warriors of Love

Warriors of Love


Group focus: Discussion/Discipleship

Location: Online

When: Monthly Friday Meetings @ 7:00PM – Small Group calendar will be distributed.


The focus for this group is to read biblically focused books that empowers us to gain a great understanding of God’s wisdom, love, kindness and healing powers.  Through fellowship and meetings, we will grow together in the Word of God and share the Good News.

Leadership & Group leader

Deacon Dennis Roney – Dennisaroney@aol.com
Deacon James Tribble – Valshe@verizon.net
Deaconess Deborah Tribble –Billmeliss@verizon.net

Leader: Lorraine Crumity – Ladycrumity@gmail.com

Co-Leader: Sandy Kennedy – Semkennedy@aim.com (no picture available)


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