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To model Jesus’s character, path, and mission to the world through approaching life and each meeting through the Great Commandment and Great Commission 4BP Strategy (Biblical Principles).



Make the Connection, Make Disciples, Make a Difference



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Stephanie M. Craddock, Small Groups Director at Smallgroups@firstmountzionbc.org or 703-670-0184

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Small Groups are relational communities that join together and connect through like interest, fellowship, study, praise and prayer as we share our successes and bear each other’s burdens while we grow together in Christ.

Small Groups provide an opportunity to make the connection, make disciples and make a difference. We encourage everyone to join a small group because it’s there where you will meet new people while growing in your faith.

Make the Connection
At First Mount Zion, we believe each member of the body of Christ is created in His own image. We are not complete until we are in community with other believers. A church cannot be who they are and carry out that task unless they are in relationships with each other. As our church grows larger, we grow smaller. We were meant to do life together, and we believe that community happens best around shared interests and passions, so we have a variety of groups–from discipleship groups and sports groups to service, support and book groups for all ages.

Make Disciples
Regardless of the type of group, the main purpose of each one is to create a place where we can grow to become more like Jesus: to model His character, ways, and mission to the world through approaching life and each meeting through the 4BP Strategy (Biblical Principles).

Make a Difference
The Great Commission was a personal instruction not a suggestion. Jesus gave His disciples these instructions. “Go into all the world and make disciples, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all the things I have commanded you”. Matthew 28:19-20
Jesus came with a mission and He charged his followers with continuing that mission to take specific action while on this earth. Small Groups are connected units of the church body on a mission to share the light and love of Christ to those around them.

Through our 4BP Strategy and vision we are committed to strive to:

Lift UPWARD- Worship the Lord; Love the Lord God with all your heart, soul & mind. Matthew 22:37-38
Look INWARD- Look within your heart and Love your neighbor as yourself, and all mankind. Help those who are in need. Strive to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Matthew 22:39
Reach OUTWARD- And make disciples of All Nations. Carry the Good News of our Lord God into the World. Share this good news locally and globally. Matthew 28:19 & Hebrews 10:23-25
Go FORWARD- And teach others to obey everything God has commanded us. Intentionally equip others to be more "Christ-like" in their behaviors. Matthew 28:20

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Small Groups Tool Box

The FMZBC Tool Box has been designed as a resource to help Small Groups Leaders setup and effectively maintain the various facets of the Small Group. You will find the scriptural basis as well as “A word from our Pastor”, Dr. Luke E. Torian, on how Small Groups connects our members’ and community. You will be introduced to terminology such as Small Groups Covenant, the components of Christian Fellowship, the Empty Chair and Group Link. Additionally, you will find downloadable forms that will make the completion and the submission of reports easy to do. The listing, summation and direct link to the authors of the variety of Small Groups study material, have also been included for your convenience; making it easier for your Small Group to select study material. The FMZBC Small Group Tool Box is an essential tool for leading effective Small Groups.