Having problems with buffering?  

 Depending on your website speed, you may have to change or select the best bitrate for the available bandwidth. Viewer to select their best bitrate for their available bandwidth. Note: IOS devices default to 500K without an option to select a bitrate.

Do you have flash installed?

 To view the video stream check to see if you have the latest flash installed. Click here to run the test and download the latest Flash player.Viewer using Firefox, Android Chrome and Windows IE to download the latest version of Flash.
  1. Android devices select here.
  2. Windows IE select here.
  3. FireFox select here

My Google Android device will not play, How can i fix it?

To video stream to an android phone you need to have Android 4.1 and below. Anything above android 4.1 you need to use Google Chrome for Android as the internet browser.

Why do interruptions, or “hiccups,” sometimes occur?

The number one cause of video streaming interruptions is poor network connectivity. This may not be a problem with your network but may be caused by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) being overloaded. This is especially likely during peak usage hours.

The stream stopped while I was watching it. How can I fix it?

Occasionally network connections are dropped due to problems somewhere on the Internet. These problems could cause the Media Player to stop playing the stream. In most cases the Media Player will automatically start again after a short period, but in other cases you will have to refresh the page.

Is my computer or device fast enough?

Lack of memory or a slow processor can cause video to stutter or not play at all. Try closing other programs while viewing our video. If your computer or device is older, it may simply be too slow to play the stream.

“Error loading player” message?

Needs updated Adobe or using Adroid 4.1 or lower).

Image freezing?

Please check your internet speed connectivity. Check Speed.